Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to Life!

Wow how time can really fly!  I can't believe it has been since April that I have blogged.  The last 8 months have been... let's just say they are over and it is a new year!  Family drama (resolved), my father fell off the roof and broke his back (surgery and recovery), sister-in-law passed away (home with the Lord), supper storm Sandy... I could go on but why.  One of my New Years resolutions was to get back to blogging so it begins tonight.  I just finished making my card kit and mini tag book kit for Valentines day and the make and take for this weekends crop.  WHEW!  I will be posting pictures and info.  Stay tuned for lots of good things to come this year.  Thanks to all who have seen me thru the hard times.  The Lord has truely blessed me!  May he Bless you all!

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